Patient Charter

Our practices aim to provide high quality consistent dental care for all our patients. We maintain a strict clinical governance policy to assist us in our responsibility of delivering the highest level of care.

We promise to:

  • be courteous and considerate at all times
  • treat you as we would wish to be treated ourselves
  • respect your wishes
  • provide you with high quality, ethical dentistry
  • try to keep your appointments on time and free from interruption
  • give you a full explanation of your dental problems and provide information on all treatment options available
  • give you a written estimate of cost for any extensive treatment plans
  • maintain confidentiality and data protection laws
  • deal with any suggestions or complaints quickly and efficiently

In return we expect you to:

  • Be courteous and considerate to our staff and other patients.
  • Treat us as you would wish to be treated yourself
  • Inform us of any changes to your contact details, medical history and medication.
  • Respect our clinical judgement
  • Try to keep your appointments or give us 24 hours notice of cancellation
  • Pay your account after each visit
  • Participate in customer surveys and questionnaires.
  • Tell us if you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of your care.

Click here to download our complaints policy.