Sedation Services

Many people are nervous about dental appointments and will delay treatment that they need or desire, due to fears and anxieties which are often linked to bad experiences. We offer a very simple straightforward sedation procedure which can help you obtain the treatment you want, in comfort and whilst feeling relaxed.

The safety of sedation has been well established and it is often used in dentistry to treat both adults and children. The effects of the sedative wear off quickly so that there isn't an extended recovery time. Intravenous sedation is often used in implant procedures but is also available for general fillings, crown and bridge work as well as root canal treatment and tooth extractions.

During treatment patients feel drowsy and are unaware of treatment but can co-operate with the dental team. Patients describe the procedure as having a calming, comforting effect whilst remaining in full control. By inducing a pleasurable feeling, sedation can also help control discomfort associated with the treatment. Following treatment, patients often comment that they feel much more relaxed and receptive to future dental care.